12 thoughts on “Real Town, Real Dungeon

  1. Wow, my pageviews really spiked a lot today (something like the amount I got in the last 8 days, but in 24 hours…) and I have to thank you for that! I'm glad this found some more love in the blogosphere and maybe it'll spawn some interesting new takes on dungeons. Anyway, made my day. So: Thanks 🙂

    Didn't know Darklands (I was one of those people owning a Amiga at the time), but it sounds interesting (and time consuming).

  2. Awesome. And man, I loved me some Darklands. I even used to just gaze at the map and read the setting book over and over… 🙂

  3. Wow, this tunnel system is neat. Reminds me of the article in an old Dragon magazine about underground towns in Turkey.

    Darklands! Loved that game. Man, I wish the team that did the new X-Com would look at Darklands now.

  4. Wow, interesting that he was told no pictures, we took the kids as part of a homeschooling tour and took a ton of pictures. It is used from everything from basement storage to scientific experimentation rooms for the local secondary school. There is even a bar down there, it is the Oppenheim Underground Tunnel system.
    I personally found the Ossuary more intriguing but it was above ground.

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