Dan Proctor interview

Dan Proctor, author of Labyrinth Lord, gets interviewed over on RPG Blog II.  It’s an interesting interview, since I chose Labyrinth Lord over Swords & Wizardry for OD&D simulation.

I found myself curious about it and the Advanced Edition Companion – since much of what I wanted to add to my game was somewhere in-between OD&D and AD&D 1st Edition.  (OSRIC is too close to AD&D for me to really find it workable, largely because of slavish attitudes towards the rules rather than the rules themselves)

One of the reasons why I didn’t go with Swords & Wizardry was frankly the lack of art in the original release.  Now I find myself interested in putting the new versions of it and Labyrinth Lord side-by-side and seeing which one I like better.  (I suspect I will stick with Labyrinth Lord, however.)