Need some help

I’m working on a project that might be rather interesting when it’s done.  What I need is this:  a global project of the Earth with the poles in different locations – the South Pole somewhere around the Black Sea, and the North Pole somewhere in the South Pacific.  Some more glaciation would be cool, too.  In particular, I’m interested in the actual geography and terrain of Antarctica underneath all of that ice.  I have no idea what’s actually there, aside from a mountain range that cuts across the continent.

If there is somebody out there with the requisite chops to help me out with this, or even some directions in how to do it for myself, that would be neat.

5 thoughts on “Need some help

  1. Hmmm… Most of these mountains are about the height of the Appalachians, so probably not any serious rain-shadows. So the primary decider on vegetation is going to be which moisture band you put it in.

  2. This is a great start; what I would like is to be able to show a global projection with the poles in their new location. I'll keep looking for how to do that. Maybe some of the folks over at Campaign Cartographer could help.

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