Missing Out – Grr!

It’s a safe assumption that most gamers have heard of Wil Wheaton – you know, Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation? And you might have heard that he’s been running a D&D game, yes?

In the crush of end-of-semester grading, combined with the passing of Dave Arneson, I managed to miss this (see right): Wil’s design for a t-shirt, available through shirt.woot. Now I’m not much for t-shirts anymore, ever since I stopped running science fiction conventions, but this one grabbed my attention.

Imagine my disappointment when Wil found out that it was no longer available. I know the internet has an attention span of a gerbil hopped up on caffeine (or cocaine), but this is just plain silly. I’d be overjoyed if the shirt became available again – if you agree with me, let Wil know!

3 thoughts on “Missing Out – Grr!

  1. I love cool nerd T-Shirts, but they are never less than 15 bucks (before shipping), and I have finally decided to never buy a T for more than 8 bucks. My shirts aren’t as awesome anymore, but at least I got money in my pocket!

  2. Brunomac – I hear you about the cost of t-shirts, and mostly agree with you. But I am willing to make exceptions, and this would be one of those times.

    Sirlarkins – congrats!

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