50 Years of D&D, from MIT Press

Cover of "Fifty Years of Dungeons & Dragons" from MIT Press.  The cover art shows two "Norse" warriors battling against a dragon, who is breathing fire on them.

Gary Alan Fine and I have co-authored “Soft Communities and Deviance in Dungeons & Dragons” which will be included in the upcoming anthology from MIT Press, entitled Fifty Years of Dungeons & Dragons. This volume, edited by Premeet Sidhu, Marcus Carter and José P. Zagal, “explores and celebrates the game’s legacy and its tremendous impact on gaming and popular culture.” It is quite an honor to have our essay in this anthology, and I am personally quite thrilled about it!

I am working on two new research papers related to gaming, one on the concept of “dungeons” and another on how the roleplaying spread, after Original D&D was published in 1974.

The book itself will be 392 pages, in a 6″ x 9″ format, and is available from MIT Press, Amazon, and in a Kindle edition, as well. The scheduled release date is May 14th, 2024!

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