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Picking Up Where I Left Off

It’s been a bit since I have posted to The Sandbox of Doom.  In the intervening time, a lot of things have changed, most of them good.

  • I have been gaming on Tuesday nights as part of Madison Traditional Gaming.  MTG – as we sometimes refer to it – now has about 45-50 people every Tuesday evening at Pegasus Games here in Madison, Wisconsin.   Over the past year, I have played in a D&D 2nd Edition game, ran a highly-enjoyable campaign of Fringeworthy using a modified Microlite 20 Modern set of rules, and have started running Adventure 4: Leviathan for Classic Traveller.
  • The work of the Tekumel Foundation has progressed.  We have re-released Prof. Barker’s first novel, The Man of Gold, as well as The Tekumel Sourcebook.  More materials are in the process of preparation, and should be released soon.
  • I have been working on making my gaming room in the basement actually usable for gaming, and not just for the storage of games.  It’s a slow process, as I also need to find more shelf space for the various reference materials I have accumulated over the years.
I haven’t played many computer games as I’ve found I just don’t have that much interest.  I have to admit to having played a lot of Minecraft in the past, but eventually hit a wall in terms of figuring out what I liked to do in the framework of the game.  I also have thought about playing the various Dragon Age games I have, or re-playing Oblivion, or possibly getting into Skyrim.  In all of these cases, the balance of time and reward has not been enough to get me to open them up to play.  So they have remained on the shelf.  If someone were to devise a game which combined elements of Darklands with various builder games like Master of Magic, I’d probably think about it.
I also have some projects I want to actually publish, aside from the larger efforts underway.  I’d also like to write more here in this blog.  All as time permits….!

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