Running Tekumel

My Empire of the Petal Throne campaign continues to hum along.  What’s been interesting to watch has been how players acclimate to the world.  I had introduced Tekumel to my Tuesday night gaming group, who had been playing D&D.  Some of them took to it immediately, and others  s  l  o  w  l  y  came along.  As expected, the languages were a stumbling block, but by dint of patient repeating and correction, they have begun to pick up some Tsolyani.  However, I plan on returning to D&D on Tuesday nights, and continuing the Tekumel game separately.

Two issues I’ve had to address are the rules and the future history of the world.  I decided early on to use Empire of the Petal Throne as the basis for running the game, but I didn’t want to lose the flavor of the Swords & Glory magic system.  I’ve figured out a way to adapt the magic system, which I will write up when I get the chance.  That was the big issue with the rules.  As for the future history, I have decided to start my campaign in 2354 A.S. (just as it says in the original rules).  That way, I could take advantage of the unfolding structure of Prof. Barker’s original campaign, and make whatever changes I wanted to as the campaign developed.

2 thoughts on “Running Tekumel

  1. Victor, I've had the same hesitation over running EPT; the S&G magic is just so fascinating! I'd be very interested in seeing what modifications you come up with for your version of EPT.

  2. I bought EPT when it first came out at the GenCon at the Horticulture Hall in Lake Geneva. Took it back to Germany and ran it there for our local gaming group.
    Last version of the game I ran was Gardasiyal, which I actually liked, mainly because it worked so well with Swords and Glory. Thought those rules were probably as good as we were going to get, and really didn't mind them.
    Did make an attempt to do a D6 Tekumel, but never got past basic character generation.

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