You CAN Make This Stuff Up…

UFO recovery seems to be a new part of Kurama‘s mission

I wrote a few days ago about the mysterious package received at the University of Chicago.  It seems that the entire matter has now been cleared up – albeit in a mostly mundane fashion, and very disappointing to those of us whose subscriptions to the Weekly World News have lapsed.

Coming to the rescue of the conspiracy-theory-challenged is the InOtherNewz.com website, with a story usually reserved for the prologue of a new Godzilla movie:

“I can report with complete accuracy that Navy divers from the destroyer JS Kurama have brought up a substantial piece of the wrecked UFO,” he said. “Both civilian and military engineers took part in recovering the piece. It is now safely aboard the JS Kurama, which is the ship being used by the Japanese Navy for its salvage efforts.”

Man, I cannot wait to see what they’ve come up with – this should be really good!

One thought on “You CAN Make This Stuff Up…

  1. I suspect Paul purposefully sent the package through the mail and also sent an empty package that had correct addressing. It's also possible someone at U of Chicago was in on it to spread publicity. It's worth losing one producton piece if it means you can sell several more – and how many people saw this and thought they might want to buy one?

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