Panning for gold

I’ve recently joined a bunch of G+ communities and combined with some of the other fun I’ve had over the past while, I now have too many links to follow for gaming goodness.  Here are just a few of the links:

  • Blade & Crown – a new RPG from Rachel Kronick.  Rachel is an old friend from the Twin Cities, and I know she does good work.  I had known Rachel through mutual interest in game settings like 2300AD and Tekumel, but Blade & Crown was something new to me.  I’m boosting the signal.
  • Dave’s Mapper – a resource for artistically-challenged referees like me.  I’m just starting to explore it, but I can tell I will get more use out of it over time, not just for D&D but also potentially for Traveller.
  • DrawHexGrid 3.51 – in the past, I’ve used Incompetech‘s web-based hex paper generator, but DrawHexGrid looks like a way to get not only hexes but also numbered hexes.  If DrawHexGrid doesn’t work for you, check out mkhexgrid as an alternative.
  • Empire – “the board game from Reed College” – Empire was (and is?) a long-standing campaign game that originated at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  It is another example of the sort of strategic campaign-oriented game which may have influenced later developments in wargaming and roleplaying.
  • The Apocalyptic Post – issues 1-5.  For anyone irradiated with interest in Gamma World, this looks like an interesting resource.  I’ve downloaded a set and have begun reading.  Definitely something for use with Mutant Future.
  • Classic Traveller supplements from Gamelords, available from Different Worlds Publications.  You can get them on CD-ROM from Far Future Enterprises – and you should!  But also pick up the original booklets for some awesome CT goodness.
  • Judges Guild Ready Ref Sheetsalso available from Different Worlds Publications.  While most of the rest of the Judges Guild stuff for D&D is sold out, apparently Tadashi Ehara still has this classic resource for sale – and for cheap!  There are other items for T&T and RQ, too.
  • Mazes & Minotaurs – the Old School game inspired by Jason and the Argonauts and Homer’s The Odyssey.  I’m not sure where I am going to put all the games I want to buy, but this one definitely has my attention.
I know this is what happens when I get to the end of the semester, but I am looking forward to the holiday season break.  I’ve got a lot of reading and game writing to do.