Off to Texas – Part Two

North Texas RPG Con has been a blast so far.  I arrived Thursday evening to find Tavis Allison and Nick Mizer in the hotel bar, and we spent several hours talking about academics and gaming.  Friday, I had a chance to run the Jakallan Underworld for two intrepid players, Ian and Duke.  Taking two characters each, they managed to get close to the Temple of Vimuhla’s fiery lava moat – only to have two characters slip and fall to an incandescent doom while trying to cross the high, narrow bridge.  The two remaining characters beat a hasty retreat, eventually escaping, but only after losing a Plaque of Ruling the Ru’un to a Priest of Wuru.

Saturday was spent in more conversation and catching up with people, including Allan Grohe, Michael Curtis, Jeff Dee, and many others.  By Saturday evening, I was able to gird myself for running another adventure in the Jakallan Underworld.  Shawn, Kenny, Tyler, Lew, Marshall, Jeff and Chris were the intrepid band who ventured forth (clockwise from myself, above) – Jeff being Jeff Dee, and Chris being Chris Holmes, the son of John Eric Holmes of Holmes D&D fame.  Their party made their way into the Underworld, encountering a ruined temple of Lord Sarku in the depths.  There they defeated a number of zombie-like Mrur, many of the rat-like Kurgha, and then ended up in a stalemate with two Pygmy Folk.  The Pygmy Folk used two Eyes to first Slow the party, and then produce nearly a score of armed and armored automata to menace the party.  Only the quick thinking of Jeff Dee and the casting of a Shield of Defense spell prevented a TPK.  However, by the time the metal monsters disappeared and the spell wore off, the Pygmy Folk were long gone.  They party decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and made their way back out of the Underworld.  Their last encounter was with handful of initially bemused Thunru’u, whom they distracted as they raced past.  The Thunru’u attempted to stop them, and were rewarded with fiery death from an Eye for their efforts.

The party escaped with only 66 Kaitars in loot, which they promptly had to hand over as part of a bribe to the City Guard, who were waiting when then emerged above ground.  However, avoiding near-certain death was itself a reward, and the adventure ended there.

6 thoughts on “Off to Texas – Part Two

  1. Thanks very much running us through the Jakallan Underworld. I used to admire Empire of the Petal Throne from afar. Now I admire it from a-close!

    My son says he had a fun time too, and enjoyed the alien-ness of the monsters.

    – Ark

  2. This sounds like a great adventure, I wish I could have been there and participate.

    Tell me, was it EPT by-the-book? What was the level of the party? Did they start with any magical/special items or where the Eyes all found during their journeys in the Underworld?

  3. Victor thanks for once again attending our little Texas shindig. I think it's rather interesting that EPt has such a strong presence here but let's keep it up.

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