GaryCon IV was a blast!

Downside of this past weekend: I had been unsure if I was going to make it to GaryCon, so I had not registered to run any events.

Upside of this past weekend: it didn’t matter. :):):)

When I arrived at GaryCon on Thursday, I brought along a whole bunch of material: Empire of the Petal Throne, Classic Traveller, Mutant Future, and Labyrinth Lord.  The only game I ran was the very first one.  Planning for the MAR Barker Memorial occupied a decent part of Friday, but eventually everything got resolved.  By Friday evening, I had gathered a number of players in the Open Gaming Area, and we started to adventure in Old Jakalla.  Over the course of the convention, I ended up running EPT for about 20 hours.  Some highlights included:

  • The party of adventurers who got themselves stuck inside an old Bednalljan tomb, and the one priest of Sarku decided to call for divine intervention.  When the Lord of Worms responded with the question, “what would you have me do?” the anguished priest said, “open ALL the portals to this place!”  Lord Sarku promptly did so – and four player characters joined the ranks of the Legions of the Despairing Dead.
  • Another party of adventurers were given a mission to escort a priestess from Jakalla to Tumissa, and got sidetracked by the agents of the Temple of Chiteng. The battle aboard the ship involved an Excellent Ruby Eye, two drugged player-characters in the captain’s cabin, and the ship being set on fire by the sailors who were abandoning ship.  The party eventually made it to Prince Rereshqala’s palace, however.
Next stop: North Texas RPG Con.  Looking forward to it!

4 thoughts on “GaryCon IV was a blast!

  1. Yeah, I was a member of the party that got stuck inside the tomb. That ended well! Thanks for running a very memorable game late on Saturday night. I thought I had gamed my last game, but enjoyed my first taste of EPT. See you at NTRPG!

  2. Thanks for running all the EPT games. It was awesome getting a chance to play in the Jakallan Underworld. Maybe next time I'll have a character make it out alive!


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