Traveller Tuesday: 2300AD reborn!

This looks rather interesting. I’ve always had something of a soft spot for 2300AD, after originally rejecting it as “that weird game that was mislabeled as ‘Traveller’.” Once I figured out what the game was about, I rather liked the connection between it and Twilight:2000. I never really had a chance to play, and now seeing it connected to the RTT rules set makes me think harder about digging out the old stuff and rolling up some characters.

3 thoughts on “Traveller Tuesday: 2300AD reborn!

  1. It does look interesting, but c'mon, the French exploring space? 🙂

    I think the price point's perhaps a bit high, too…

  2. Harrumph…no writing up new characters until you get Jerusalem out of the Cosmic Cow good sir, he's bound to be old and decrepit and weight over 300lbs at this rate. 😉 Seriously though, miss gaming with you and this looks fun. (still?) Oh how I would love to drag you through one of our Everway campaigns. 😉

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