One month

During the past month, I’ve had the following things happen to me:

  • Coming back from the 2011 North Texas RPG Con, I survived an emergency landing at Milwaukee’s Billy Mitchell Field, when the right landing gear did not descend, and we had to crash land with the nose and left landing gear – and the right wingtip.  Good thing we didn’t cartwheel or ground loop (the photo is from a couple of minutes after evacuating the plane).
  • Had a good friend, Joel Rosenberg, pass away from an unexpected heart attack.  I was able to attend his wake, immediately after the 4th Street Fantasy Convention.
  • Provided support to my partner, Lynn, when her father passed away after suffering a head injury and subsequent stroke.
I’m hoping to get back on track with that gaming stuff once life stops being so “exciting.”

2 thoughts on “One month

  1. Gaah: that sounds horrible, Victor!

    Hopefully the rest of the summer will be low-key and boring in comparison (and the rest of the year, and the decade, and…).


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