Pluses and Minuses

Life’s been something of a roller-coaster.  On the plus side:

  • Madison Traditional Gaming has gotten rather successful.  We will be celebrating our one year anniversary in September, with a special Meetup.  There might even be door prizes!
  • My Tuesday Night OD&D game is going well; I have six regular players and that seems to be about the right size.  The Big Switch to Aldwyr is planned for later in September.
  • Work on the Tekumel Foundation continues apace, with some interesting projects in the works.
  • And besides gaming, an offer of work at Madison College this fall.  Adjunct, but that’s okay.
On the minus side, however:
  • Could not afford to go to Gen Con.  Too many auto repairs and unforeseen living expenses.
  • TARGA remains inactive.  Simply have not had time to focus on it, and with a lack of enthusiasm on the part of others, it’s likely to stay as it is for now.
  • Haven’t had time to get to various creative projects, including but not limited to: The Wilderness Architect, Microlite Post-Apocalypse, Wanderer, a supplement for X-plorers, and an OD&D-kinda-sorta parallel for spies and modern adventure.
  • Besides gaming, have had a very close friend in hospital for the past week, who needed my support.  Fortunately, he’s getting out today.

 Think I’m busy.  Oh, right!  I have a blog, too! ­čśë

One thought on “Pluses and Minuses

  1. That was quick–it usually takes a week or so before the hanzi spam comments show up.

    I am hoping, btw, to make it to MTG this month, but that's Irish Fest weekend. We'll see.

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