5 Classic Traveller links

As something of a follow-on to my Traveller Tuesday series, here are five links for Classic Traveller that were inspired by a recent email request:

Sites I like for CT:

In addition, I’ve been asked to put together an annotated bibliography for Classic Traveller, of relevant science fiction.  If people have suggestions, please leave them here!  Thanks!

One thought on “5 Classic Traveller links

  1. SF list: Apart from the ones everyone knows about (Piper, Norton's Solar Queen stories, Anderson's Polesotechnic League stories), John Maddox Roberts' Cestus Dei, Space Angel, and its (inferior, IMHO) sequel Spacer: Window of the Mind. For those who may want to add some nontraditional politics, try Alexis Gilliland's The End of the Empire.

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