Just got back from GaryCon – and it’s not even over!

Due to a perfect storm of multiple events scheduled on the same weekend, I was only able to spend some time yesterday at GaryCon.  But what a time it was – I had a chance to see various lions of the hobby: Frank Mentzer, Bill Hoyer, Tom Wham, Tim Kask, Mike Carr, and many others.  What made GaryCon so amazing for me was the feeling of being with over 200 other people who were all interested in the OSR.

I acquired a back issue of Judges Guild Journal I was lacking from my collection, and I talked for some time with Allan Grohe.  I also had a chance to talk with the great guys at Dead Games Society – they are doing some very cool things; look for a possible exciting announcement from them shortly.  And I got the opportunity to present a check to Luke Gygax from TARGA for $350.00 as a donation to the Gygax Family Memorial Fund.  How cool is that?

p.s. I am definitely going back next year.  This con is awesome. 🙂

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