This looks like fun! Read an RPG Book in Public!

So I read over on the Escapist about “Read an RPG Book in Public Week” – I think this is a grand idea.  I’ve been known to be reluctant to read my role-playing games in public, but that was because of unfinished-dissertation-guilt more than anything else.  I’m going to have to think about it, but I bet I will have lots of opportunities to try this out!

2 thoughts on “This looks like fun! Read an RPG Book in Public!

  1. I've been reading rpg books in public for years, I've never felt any sort of unease at sitting down and plopping one open. Generally speaking I have one or more with at all times in my vehicle just in case I do have time to kill..

    a favorite spot for me is when I sit down to eat, especially if that happens to be an all-u-can eat buffet


  2. Well, part of the equation is how embarrassing the book cover is, and how portable or fragile the copy is. Otherwise, I have no problem with it. Nice way to meet potential players.

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