Auction Announcements

As I’ve mentioned before…now with items up for auction!

TARGA Announces Pledge-An-Auction Drive

TARGA is organizing the 2010 Pledge-An-Auction drive in support of GaryCon 2 and the Gygax Family Fund for use in funding a memorial statue in honor of Gary. Come join our virtual auction and help us to present a great donation to Luke Gygax at GaryCon 2 this year! Starts on January 25th!
So I’ve put up a copy of The Dungeoneer #2 for auction, and that will be followed by a copy of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia.  More after that, I am sure – so keep your eyes open for interesting stuff to bid on!

2 thoughts on “Auction Announcements

  1. Just curious; has there been any sort of motion towards doing something along these lines for Dave Arneson besides a game in NYC? I had asked the boys at The Source about this way back when (at the visitation, actually), reminded them again about a month ago, and have yet to hear anything. Thoughts? Comments?

    (The Aethervoxes plan on running "Captain Harchar vs. the Hlyss nest-ship!" on the first Saturday in April, by the way; the David L. Arneson Memorial Maritime Mayhem and Melee last year was such a good time that they'd thought they'd start a tradition.)

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