Madison Games Day 3

No pictures this time; I wasn’t able to go for the whole thing, due to other commitments.  However, I did have the chance to run my Classic Traveller intro adventure, “Losing Air,” for a couple of gamers at Madison Games Day 3.  “Losing Air” I wrote as an opportunity to introduce various aspects of the game system, as they start off as a bunch of survivors on a lifeboat, with a disabled pirate ship nearby.  Do they attempt to storm the pirate ship?  Do they try for one of the moons of a “nearby” gas giant?  In this case, they tried the former, and almost got killed by the security ‘bot left in the Captain’s cabin.  It was a reasonably good time, and I had a chance to pass out fliers for Madison Traditional Gaming.  I didn’t get a chance to go to the recently-started Milwaukee Traditional Gaming meetup, so I’m waiting with baited breath to find out how that turned out.