Proof of a Conspiracy

Yes, this photo – taken at a Starbucks in south Minneapolis – reveals the sinister dark underside of the Old School Renaissance.  Gathered for nefarious purposes are (from left to right): Aaron Kesher, of Sandbox Empire (AKA Kesher on the Original D&D Discussion Board), then myself, and then Tom Juntunen, one of the contributors to the furtherance of all things Tekumel.

This was the first time I met Aaron, and it was a blast to meet someone else from the discussion boards and blogs.  Turns out that Tom is a nearby neighbor of his, and since Tom and I go way back, it seemed appropriate to get together and catch up with one another.  We had a grand time talking about everything from Warriors of Mars to Microlite 74 to The Source Comics & Games – and got Tom to consider running Classic Traveller again.  As Elizabeth Bear would say, “WIKTORY!”

The staff at the Starbucks were courteous enough, and put up with our raucous reminiscing until quite some time after closing.  Then, not unlike some taverns in games I’ve played in, they unceremoniously tossed us out onto the street.  And then we stood out under the streetlamps, talking some more, until Aaron had to head home, ditto Tom and myself.  It was a very fine evening.

2 thoughts on “Proof of a Conspiracy

  1. I cast Befuddle Bureaucracy… Oh wait, why waste the spell when it's not needed… 🙂

    Victor, it was great meeting you, too. It's always nice to put actual people next to photons, so to speak. I look forward to good things coming out of our discussion, as well as your more frequent visits to our metropolitan area…

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