Moving and various issues

I’m moving to Madison, Wiscowsin at the end of the month. Not too surprisingly, I’ve decided to invest in a lot of standard-size boxes to make the move go more easily. A quick check of Uline revealed that they had 12x10x10 boxes (that’s 30.5cm by 25.4cm by 25.4cm for metric folks), for 51 cents in any quantity. They’ve been working quite well, though I am still searching for the best all around size of cardboard box, i.e. one that will handle games, magazines and books with decent fit for all categories. I think I’ve moved too many times in my past.

But there are a LOT of games to move. This has led me to rediscover some old chestnuts as I’ve been packing: Rivets, Lords & Wizards, and Daredevils. Quite a walk down Memory Lane! Rivets was great – I converted the designs for “boppers” into stats for a set of science fiction miniatures rules, and there’s a Morrow Project adventure lurking around there someplace, too. Lords & Wizards I must have bought but never played; the counters were unpunched. And Daredevils – man, crazy busy set of rules, but fun and we had several referees who really were into pulp adventure. Good times.

But – for now – into the boxes and onto the truck. If anybody knows of other members of the Old School Movement in Madison, keep me posted!

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  1. Well, I'm not in Madison, but you know me and coffee are here in MPLS, which ain't too far away, along with my good neighbor Tom Juntenen (sp?), who's been making noise about running a classic Traveler campaign…

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