Three *really* little books

Sometime in the past decade – probably about seven or eight years ago – WOTC decided to bring out miniature versions of various AD&D and D&D books. I picked up the three core books for AD&D 1st Edition. I kept them in my desk in grad school, apparently hoping for the spontaneous lunch session game with my fellow grad students (didn’t happen).

They languished as I stopped gaming altogether during my dissertation writing period, and eventually sat in a box, altogether forgotten. Then, just the other day, I ran across them again as I was searching for something else. Despite the micro-miniature font size (a magnifying plastic ruler took care of that), I found myself thinking “hey, if you needed gaming supplies for a bug-out bag, these would be great!” Sanity slowly returned, and I got to thinking about them, and an internet search revealed this (scroll down to see the entire set).

3 thoughts on “Three *really* little books

  1. I have the DMG and PHB. I used them for a time at the very end of my long running 1e campaign nearly 10 years ago. I love them although at age 42 I find that unless the lighting is good I simply can't read them (I guess it's time for an eye test!).

    I didn't realize how much they offered in the mini line! I wish I could get the B/X pair in mini.

    I've seen some of these on eBay from time to time, and way overpriced. I assume they are fairly rare. Definitely two of the cooler items in my collection.

  2. I found that my indexed, progressive, no-line bifocals work – if I put them on the end of my nose and squint.

    Damn, grad school takes a lot out of you. 🙂

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