Being thankful

For those of you who do not know, Dave Arneson is in hospice, dealing with late-stage cancer. I’ve known Dave now for many years – not as close as some, but we’re friends. I also happen to know Michael Mornard (“Old Geezer” on many forums), and a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to get the two of them together for the first time in many years. We sat in the dining room of the home of Malia, Dave’s daughter, and talked and reminisced for a couple of hours – rather, I listened as the two of them went over fond memories of days past, and compared notes about the present day. They both were very happy to have the chance to see one another, and what with the current news about Dave’s condition, I am glad I did it.

One thought on “Being thankful

  1. Man, all these creators passing away who were only a few years older than me when I was a kid getting into the hobby – it’s getting depressing. Not just because it makes me feel old and very mortal. I never really appreciated these guys fully until they were gone.

    From what I have learned of him in the last few months during this old school resurgence I’m in, he was a humble guy who didn’t seem too bent out of shape that somebody else seemed to get all the credit, with appearances on The Simpsons and such.

    When I started blogging this year, I had a fantasy of getting in touch with him through that somehow, and by hook or by crook get into that annual Blackmoor game. Yet another dream gone never to be fulfilled. Sigh.

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