Fight On! #4 released

Just a note to let people know that Fight On! #4 has been released. Fight On! has been the flagship ‘zine of the Old School movement, and has moved to quarterly publishing via Lulu. While I don’t have anything in #4, I am expecting to submit some material for #5.

Here’s the info on it from Lulu:

“The Fight On! fanzine returns for another fantastic foray! Dedicated to Dave Hargrave and his legendary Arduin campaign, this issue features no fewer than 8 adventures, plus spells, magic items, new classes, races, and rules to take your FRP passion to the next level! Our contributors include Steve Zieser, Kevin Mayle, Steve Marsh, James Maliszewski, Monty & Josephine St. John, Gabor Lux, Jeff Rients, Geoffrey O. Dale, Baz Blatt, David Bowman, Calithena, Kesher, Douglas Cox, James Raggi, Matthew Riedel, Geoffrey McKinney, Alex Schroeder, Lee Barber, Vincent Baker, Patrick Farley, Kelvin Green, Fu Fu Frauenwahl, and many more! Let your imagination know no limit – Fight On!”

So I’ll be buying a copy shortly, along with a copy of Knockspell #1. I encourage everyone to do the same.