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The original title for this blog was to have been Musings of a Coelacanth – but then I realized that not everyone would know what a coelacanth actually was. In addition, while it is true that I’ve been gaming for a very long time, there are certainly others out there who have been gaming longer than me – so the idea of suggesting that I was somehow a zillion years old in gaming years seemed a bit presumptious. Combine all that with the popularity of this odd creature in video games and popular culture, and I decided to come up with something else.

I’d like to say that the second title came out of a long period of creative reflection, with lots of worthy names and phrases tossed about. Did not happen that way. I came up with the title above mostly as a play off of “sandbox” style gaming and a lighthearted reference to the Munchkin card game (which also served as a reminder to not take gaming so very seriously).

I intend to talk about gaming and specifically the games I like to play. Right now, I seem to be part of the “Old School Renaissance” in role-playing games – but I also like to talk about fiction and other sorts of gaming as well. Some of my inspiration in all of this comes from other bloggers, such as James Maliszewski and Jeff Rients and a host of other worthies on the web.

More to follow shortly, as inspiration and my academic schedule permit. Oh, and just to be clear, coelacanths are not that good-looking.

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  1. Hey Victor.

    You have been added to my feed, for I am some sort of RSS vampire.

    I’ll be interested to see what you have to say here.

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